List of our services

We specialise in urgent, abnormal and dangerous cargo.

Camaloon SCS provides a broad logistical service both domestically and across Sub-Saharan Africa. We have an extensive network of partners across the African continent, providing an unrivaled level of expertise.


Road Freight

We offer a road haulage service throughout SADC region, hauling general cargo from one metric tonne up to thirty-six tonne loads.

Consignments that are transported consist of palletized goods, machinery, drums, industrial equipment as well as abnormal loads, dangerous goods, and explosives. Moving these goods from main centre hubs and spoke warehouses, across borders into Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our Services Include:

  •   Full truck loads (FTL)
  •   1 to 36 Tonne/ pallet loads
  •   Containers: 6 and 12 metre
  •   Consolidation of part loads


Air Freight Africa

We provide a comprehensive air freight service from small charter flights to the largest cargo plans in the world including the Antonov 225-which can carry 250 tons-, the Antonov 124-120 tons, and the Boeing 747-120 tons.

We have an experienced network across the continent to ensure a cost-effective, speedy delivery of what needs to be transported. This can include hazardous, prohibited, and restricted items.

On-board courier is also provided by Camaloon and we select the best routes, shortest time’s at the most competitive prices.

To ensure no setbacks once we have reached the African borders we ensure that the SAD 500, Clearing docs, waybills, and any other relevant documents pertaining to the shipment are all in order and presented to Customs.



Our warehousing and distribution solution looks at your delivery network holistically.

We specialize in the warehousing and management of just about anything whether storage is of long or short term.

We strive to provide the highest quality and service at the most competitive prices by designing the layout of the supply chain and taking into consideration both current and future logistical needs.

By centralizing transportation functions in our supply chain, we enable the effectiveness of our entire supply network.


Contract Logistics

Camaloon is a strategic partner for outsourcing logistics and management of unique Supply Chain projects.

Our service encompasses all aspects of logistics and operational planning, from point of origin to final destination.

We provide a holistic and customised one-stop solution. Outsourcing logistics requirements enables our clients to concentrate on their core competencies.

With many years of industry experience, Camaloon offers viable cost, effective operational solutions across the Southern African continent.

  •   Route planning
  •   Distribution planning
  •   Route implementation
  •   Dynamic transportation
  •   Logistics systems analysis.

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