About us

We are efficient

Camaloon SCS provides a broad logistical service both domestically and across Sub-Saharan Africa. We have an extensive network of partners across the African continent, providing an unrivalled level of expertise. We also specialise in urgent, abnormal and dangerous cargo.

From a small delivery van to the world’s largest cargo planes, Camaloon is your first choice for moving anything anytime, anywhere.....

Fast, professional & always on-time

Over 30 years of combined experience

This is what we do well

Our key skills get the job done. Every day and for every client. It's no wonder that our clients of 10 years ago are still our clients today.

Contact 24h

We make it a point to be available. All the time.

Security of packages

Everything we ship is insured and secure on board

We have permissions

Getting the greenlight to ship is our absolute strength

Delivery on time

Project planning makes for proper execution. We don't move without a plan.

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